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“Maybe missing while hiking was code for they got eaten by monsters?”

Missing person’s photos were common in Hollows, it wasn’t just the untamed nature that surrounded the little town and how easy it was to get lost in it; but the dark things that bumped in the night within those trees too. When the faces of the missing turn from nameless human strangers, to those of her friends, people of the supernatural inclination, Nymue Hannok must face a darkness within the town that just might rival her own.

Nymue lost it all three years ago, and fled through the fire and death that had surrounded her since birth to Hollows, hoping for a new life. Hoping for a chance to keep her secrets buried, and forge a path of her own making without having to look over her shoulder.

The darkness within Hollows won’t let her keep that peace though. When the bodies start piling up, it becomes clear some dark magic is afoot; but as one of only two practicing witches in Hollows, and the clear outsider, eyes turn towards her and she must clear the evil to prove she’s innocent.

Jasper, the Hollows Pack one and only submissive werewolf is assigned to ‘protect’ Nymue after a brush with the monster she claims is killing their kind. But there’s something else about her, he can smell she’s hiding something big. And he has every intention of finding out all the secretes h
is little witch thinks she’s hidden.

Hollows by Elizabeth King cover image.
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